Nourish to Flourish: Whole Body, Whole Food Detox

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Join ChiroPlus in this community event to hit the reset button and find the healthiest version of you! 

This fun, high energy, two session event will give you all the tools you need to complete a 21 day detox, along with the support of members within your community!


Click HERE to register for the event held at Neshkoro Area Community Center, April 18th and May 9th 2018

Click HERE to register for the event held at Ripon College Willmore Center, April 19th and May 10th 2018


“Nourish to Flourish” is a Whole Body, Whole Food Detox hosted by ChiroPlus Complementary Health Care Centers.  Dr. Colleen Pomplun and Health Coach Beth Bosveld will motivate, inspire, and unlock the secrets to doing a DETOX that isn’t scary!

Based off the concept that food is medicine you will learn how to rid the body of toxins, while supporting the process with clean, whole foods. Keeping in mind the external toxins that surround us, you will be offered tools to reduce stress and promote positivity. The goal is to help each person on their own journey to wellness, while benefiting from other like minded group members.

Doing the “Nourish to Flourish” detox program as a community will produce powerful results. Together we can share ideas and support each other, while having a reliable source of information, products and knowledgeable leaders. You will find the encouragement to conform old unhealthy habits, observe what works, and replace with new, positive lifestyle choices. A fresh start to feeling, good, looking great, and being renewed!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Attend the informational meeting, where you will be provided with information and resources to embark on your detox journey, the Sunday after the meeting.
  • This set start date ensures that we will all be in this together, to motivate and support each other! We can share experiences, ideas, encouragement, and our small victories! These 21 days will be focused on rejuvenating your mind and body, giving way to a healthier, happier you!
  • We gather again near the end to celebrate your success and learn how to continue on this path, turning your new habits into a lasting positive change!

$30.00 includes both sessions. No other purchase necessary. The detox is designed to be done with just whole, clean foods. There will be the option to purchase supporting supplements if you are interested.

Register at ChiroPlus. Gift Certificates available at ChiroPlus or here on our website!


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