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Relax, Enjoy, Rejuvenate – Massage/Reiki Gift Card

Massage is therapy for the mind, the body, and the spirit. Give the gift of relief from aches and pains with a massage that combines techniques of skin rolling, kneading, and percussion to improve circulation, decrease stress levels, enhance mental clarity, and improve flexibility.

Reiki is therapy for energy rejuvenation. Give the gift of natural healing through light touch to activate the restoration of the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual processes for personal well-being.  Hot stones are also available to enhance the flow of energy and the natural healing process.


Please note: the massage and reiki sessions are independent of each other, facilitated by different healing professionals.


Individual Massages and Reiki Sessions:

30 minutes = $36.00

60 minutes = $62.00

90 minutes = $83.00


Massage and Reiki Packages (of 5 sessions):

(5) 30 minutes = $160.00

(5) 60 minutes = $270.00

(5) 90 minutes = $365.00

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Giftcard Notice

This gift card will expire 360 days after purchase.



Massage is a “Luxury” you can’t afford to miss. Aching body? Stressed? Lots of tension?  Give the gift of massage to melt away muscle tension and create a sense of calm and deeper state of relaxation.

  • Release toxins
  • Relieve pain and reduce stiffness
  • Help manage anxiety and depression
  • Boost Immunity

Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Thai Massage will show your loved one that you really care!