Chiropractic Care for Spring Athletes

How active were you over the winter? Are you ready to jump into your spring sport?
Overall, being active reduces your risk of injury because of your increased strength, flexibility, and resiliency. Add in chiropractic care, especially if you’re starting a new seasonal movement routine, and reduce your chances of injury even more.
Chiropractic care helps reduce the healing time from minor and major injuries. Not that we wish anyone to get hurt, but there are times when bumps and bruises happen. Your increased strength and flexibility help to improve your athletic performance and further prevent injuries.
With the addiction to pain medications at an all-time high, non-invasive and drug-free solutions like chiropractic is gaining momentum. Not only are pain medications addictive, they aren’t necessarily good for the body <<insert medication supplement disclaimer here.>>
Hitting the pavement in your new favorite running shoes for the season, you’re reactivating the body from it’s winter hibernation. Complement your active routine with intervals of chiropractic care. Eliminate the muscle and energy fatigue – consider the chiropractic advantage.
Note: Dr. Pomplun and Dr. Beatty know a thing or two about athletes.